Debi’s Family Fun

beachballmulticolour21One of the most fun activities I ever planned with my son was to have a winter beach day.  It was actually the coldest day of the year, but our house sure didn’t feel like it.  We turned the heat up to 80 degrees, brought in the blowup pool, and had our own beach party in the middle of the kitchen!  We splashed and played not only in the pool, but got our moon sand out and made a sand castle.  We had juice in coconut cups, wore leis, and enjoyed basking in the ‘sun’.  We made fish and sharks out of construction paper and hung them all around the pool which made it feel more like the ocean.  When we were done swimming, we wrapped ourselves up in warm beach towels and read books about the ocean.  It was a terrific way to heat up such a cold and dreary day, and will always be one of my favorite memories!



Winter is here, but that doesn’t always mean there is snow to get out and play with your kids.  So why not bring some of the fun of a snowball fight inside with out all the mess of melting snow?  Grab a few bags of cotton balls, rip them open, and let them fly!  Your kids will have a blast pelting you with ‘snowballs’, as well as burn off some of that bundled up energy they have during the winter months!